Physical Graffiti Building

96 st. marks pl. bet. 1st and Ave. A, NY, NY 10009
Jacket of Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti"

It'll be great if you displayed the same pictures on the windows of actual building!

Fake (?) building
This building seems to be rather new and expensive than the real one.
The card of "Physical Graffiti"
Vintage clothes shop in the basement floor of the building named for a greatest album.
The aspect of this great old building was used as the image of Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti" album. It still remains in N.Y. as it was photographed about 30 years ago. This picture was taken by my daughter when she went to N.Y. for study abroad this summer (actually the best souvenir for me even if the left side of the building out of frame because of limitation of the lens).
As you may noticed that actual building is five stories high, it means that jacket's picture was arranged to four stories to fit for the square jacket size (fourth floor has removed).
This building has a second hands clothes shop in the basement floor named "Physical Graffiti"! The owner of this shop may knows the history as well.
And there are similar type buildings in this neighborhood, actually my daughter has mistook a similar building for "physical" building and took a photo of it. But she was unsure whether it was real one or not, so afterwards she went there again and found the real one happily! This building located on downtown in N.Y. near the famouse CBGB club. If I visit N.Y., I'll go there to see THE REAL GREAT BUILDING by myself!!

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